Park(ing) Day for Fitness event in Vienna

By BgBeActive

For the flagship event, the national coordinator XsentrikArts partnered with Space and Place: an organisation focusing on using the wohnstrasse concept to promote activity and wellbeing in public spaces. The wohnstrasse and surrounding streets in and around Burjanplatz were shut down. They offered a series of activities and events via our partner organisations, and reached a wide range of citizens, despite the unfavourable weather conditions at the time.

The event "Wohnstrassenleben" marks the beginning of a new series of events that will take place in the coming months. XsentrikArts team are building on the existing concept of the residential streets, the special thing about them is that they can be used at any time, without prior registration. This makes the Parking Day something everyone can do. The first event in the fifth district took place in several free parking spaces, which were temporarily transformed into sporting activity zones together with a boxing trainer. Drinks and snacks were served and the neighbourhood was invited to pair up.

What next?

With a special focus on the sustainability of the project, XsentrikArts uses the tool of residential streets to promote Parking Day and reusability. For this they have teamed up with a number of coaches. One series will focus on skating in public spaces, for this he will build skate ramps and place them in a parking lot, then teach the neighbourhood how to skate and personalise their skateboard with them. The second series will focus on sports on hoverboards, which will give people a great opportunity to try a unique sports experience. And finally, they will be running further events with boxing coaches.

View the long(er) video of all our activities, here.

Park(ing) Day for Fitness builds on the existing practices and guidelines provided by Rebar, where BG Be Active and the project consortium are adding an element of a multi-sport day event to offer activities that promote active lifestyles and engage the public. For more information, please check our website -

Park(ing) Day for Fitness is funded by the European Union. The project coordinator is BG Be Active, and the other partner organizations are Placemaking Europe, Association Sport for all Suceava (AJSPT Suceava), V4 SPORT FOUNDATION, Azur Sport Sante, and XsentrikArts.

Posted on 03/10/2022 by BgBeActive