1. Concept

  • Think about what, how and when you’d like to organise something.
  • Truly reflect on the audience you are directing the project to and organise the intervention in times in which this audience would be out.
  • We encourage all Park(ing) Day for Fitness events for citizens to be free or low charge to ensure the widest possible participation.

2. Location and time

  • Reflect on when the Park(ing) Day for Fitness can happen in your community. What is the best timing for the activities to attract more people and get them moving?
  • Is it a single parking space event, or are you going to act big and try to connect several parking spaces interventions?
  • The Park(ing) Day for Fitness interventions are planned throughout Europe between 16 and 22 September 2022.

3. Activities

We have two types of the events that you might consider organizing: P-spot and Flagship event

  • P-spot is a single Park(ing) Day for Fitness intervention at one parking space with a specific activity program.
  • Flagship event is a large-scale event that can be arranged in two ways:
    1. Multisport Flagship event is a Park(ing) Day for Fitness intervention organised at one major location (street with several parking spaces), adjacent to other public locations (parks, playgrounds, etc.), and planned with diverse activities.
    2. Gamified Flagship event is a Park(ing) Day for Fitness intervention organised at several major locations (several parking spaces at different city locations), and planned with diverse activities.

Get inspired with our Park(ing) Day for Fitness Manual and 3 levels of parking sport interventions, and 2 community activation events suggestions – Park(ing) Day for Fitness Manual

P-spot interventions:

  • ‘Make a start’ for light interventions with minimal planning and preparation time (around 1 week)
  • ‘Level Up’ for moderate low-cost interventions requiring a strong idea and medium time for preparation (up to 3 weeks)
  • ‘Push it to the max!’ for intense interventions requiring higher costs, some practical skills and a strong idea

Flagship event coordination:

  • The Park(ing) Day for Fitness Multisport Flagship Event is a day of multisport opportunities unfolding around one major location - the Park(ing) Day for Fitness installation. Get inspired by the Open Streets Day concept by ISCA.
  • The Park(ing) Day for Fitness Gamified Flagship Event is a gamified discovery of physical activity that is situated on a number of parking spaces transformed into mini-workout spots distributed around the participating city. Get inspired by the City Quest – Quiz concept by TimeScape.

4. Map your partners

Think about local supporters of your idea: can any sport club/grassroots sport organisation support you? Can they organise an intervention to promote their activities?

Choose your parking spot wisely, avoid loading or no-stopping zones and opt for a metered parking spot;

  • Make it safe - use the cones, signs, or border fencing to clearly demarcate the intervention within the parking spot;
  • Get permits from the local authorities and municipalities to avoid incurring fines when setting up the interventions.

Before moving to the next stage, go through the previous steps and consult our helpful tips:

  • Health safety tips: heart rate, water, breathing exercises, stretching
  • Communication tips and getting the word out and inviting the whole local community to your Park(ing) Day for Fitness event
  • Finding stakeholders to collaborate with/ ideas on how to
  • Need to approach and get permits from the local authorities
  • Useful materials (make list + indicative prices)
  • Road safety tips (near roads, distances, surfaces)

5. Register

  • Register your event here - Parking Day for Fitness (bgbeactive.org)
  • Reach out on time to make sure your event is successful! This can be done by creating invites on social media, by sending out flyers in the neighbourhood, by telling your friends and spreading the word across well known spots in your city (local library, cafés). Check our communication resources!
  • Have fun, keep it light! Take some pictures if you like for your celebrations of the event and share about it.