Park(ing) Day for Fitness: Unlocking the Potential of Your Streets!

By BgBeActive

Are you an activist, sport club, or municipality looking to promote grassroots sports, raise awareness about traffic issues, and foster cooperation between urban designers and grassroots sport organizations? Look no further than the Park(ing) Day for Fitness tool!

This tool offers a unique opportunity to transform public spaces into temporary provocation zones, offering a variety of activities that promote active lifestyles. With events unfolding in 6 countries and over 30 cities, the Park(ing) Day for Fitness has proven to be a success, and we have gathered key points to help ensure future interventions are just as successful.

Here are some tips for making your Park(ing) Day for Fitness intervention a success:

  • Be ambitious with your goals! The main return of the Park(ing) Day for Fitness is the collaborative spark amongst complementary organizations and groups. Consider the long-term impact of the event and aim to establish long-lasting partnerships.
  • Use Park(ing) Day for Fitness as a policy-changing tool. Consider integrating PDF into city agendas, especially those focused on sport, health, and education. PDF can become a part of strategies and tools to promote sport and health-enhancing physical activity.
  • Get acquainted with your community's needs. Collaborate with municipalities as key stakeholders, and identify local groups to build relationships with.
  • Communicate your success! Host events throughout different neighborhoods, and use a precise communication strategy to reach various groups.
  • Give your intervention a spillover effect by helping locals sustainably engage in physical activity, sign up for lessons, join new networks, and discover new practices of physical activity.

N.B To learn more about how to organize a successful Park(ing) Day for Fitness event, check out our website and the evaluation and recommendations in more detail.

Don't hesitate to contact our team at for support in organizing your intervention. Let's work together to promote active lifestyles and create healthier, more sustainable cities!

Park(ing) Day for Fitness builds on the existing practices and guidelines provided by Rebar, where BG Be Active and the project consortium are adding an element of a multi-sport day event to offer activities that promote active lifestyles and engage the public. For more information, please check our website - .

Park(ing) Day for Fitness is funded by the European Union. The project coordinator is BG Be Active, and the other partner organizations are Placemaking Europe, Association Sport for all Suceava (AJSPT Suceava), V4 SPORT FOUNDATION, Azur Sport Sante, and XsentrikArts.

Posted on 09/05/2023 by BgBeActive