Friday Sep 16

Karate Training by „Mae Keage Kyokushin” team

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Who among us has not dreamed of becoming a karate master? And of course to get a black belt! Mae Keage Kyokushin Team Wrocław has training continuously since 2019, and their instructors have several years of experience in training children and youth (they are medallists of the Polish Championships, European Championships and World Kyokushin Karate Championships).

As part of Park (ing) Day for Fitness, you will be able to watch them live (and maybe train together?) on the Wrocław market square (Róg Rynek / Odrzańska).

They say about themselves:

“Karate Kyokushin is intended for people of all ages. Pre-schoolers 4-5 years old can start, because the training is conducted in such a way that children do not get bored, and at the same time improve their overall physical fitness. Trainings for the youngest groups are conducted mainly in the form of games. At this stage, the basic karate techniques are introduced and the basic rules of discipline are taught. Gradually, with age, more and more techniques are introduced, tactics of combat are introduced, pair classes, classes on equipment: shields, bags, etc. are tought. After several years of training, students can easily compete. Even adults who have not had any contact with martial arts so far can start training in our club. Just a few months of regular training will surely improve the overall endurance and strength of every novice. "

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