Friday Sep 16

Calisthenics classes and street workout by “CALIATHLETICS”

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Meet the strong-armed Caliathletics. Great body shape is their another name. 
Their occupation is street workout, calisthenics, i.e. training with the use of your own body weight and equipment available in parks or on city streets.

Guys train everywhere, using everything, to prove that we can do everything and the only thing that limits us is our imagination.

The team’s mission is to promote street workout, but also any physical activity, they want to show people that they can do training anywhere, they do not need a gym pass or a dozen weight plates.

Their slogan is: OUR BODIES ARE OUR GYM.
Caliatheltics team shows that to start taking care of yourself, your health and form, you just need to get up from your chair and simply start acting.

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