Sunday Sep 25

Waste. Move. Play. for ParkingDay

Where ijplein amsterdam ,
When Event Start

An intervention in Amsterdam Noord to activate parking spaces in a way to encourage passersby to get engage in activities throughout the day. 3 carparking spaces next to each other, connected by proximity and concept:

Title: Waste. Move. Play.


Our main approach will be scouting for waste in the city streets of Amsterdam. Rather than buying new, we aim to collect and reuse materials that people throw away on the streets and thus give them a new life. The 'waste' could be anything from residue from construction sites/ used furniture/ fabrics and textiles/ even bikes.


These materials will be adapted and transformed into a multi-functional interactive play structure, urging people to interact with what would otherwise have stayed as just the consequences of society. We would connect the materials using straps, clamps, bolts/ creating movable components by the addition of wheels/ adding interactive elements with textile.


The result will be an installation that encourages locals and bypassers to engage in physical activities. A multifaceted design that transforms a static parking spot into a space for climbing, resting, sitting, squatting, playing.


Preferred day: Sunday 25 September

Intervention in relation to Anja and Diana

Three car parking spaces next to each other. 

Total: 1800 euros

Labour: 960

Materials: 558

Rental: 282


Price breakdown: 1800 euros total for all three interventions: 

Labour (20 eur/hour each)


Scavenging for materials: 6hrs p/p = 360

Deconstruction 3hrsp/p = 180

Construction 3hrsp/p = 180

Presence on the day: 7hrs x 3ppl = 21 hrs total = 420 euros

Materials: salvaged and repurposed materials from the streets, The following materials are used to compliment these materials:

Wheels - bike or trolly? 80 

Screws/nails/bolts = 30

Ties =40

Pack of cable ties (big) x3 = 20

Tarp x4 = 40

Paint x 3 colours = 38

Chalk (for interactive drawing) = 12

Clamps X 8 = 104

3x 4 set of wheels = 120 (30/per 4 wheels)

Tool hire: for 1-3 days via Bo-rent (prep day, construction day & deconstruction day)

Saw 10 x 2 days = 20

Drill & bits 25x2 days = 50

Sanding machine = 22

Van rental:

40 eur/day x 2 days = 80

Storage space to keep materials

30 eur/day for 3 days = 90

Parking space

Saturday (construction/assembly) = 10 eur

Sunday = 10 eur