Saturday Sep 17

In Motion

Where Samuel Mullerstraat 6.1 Utrecht ,
When Event Start

We realize our bodies are every day in constant movement in tune with the fast-paced world we are living in. We propose an event to slow down and take a closer look at what moves inside of us. What if we can embody our honest state of being 

in the way, we move in this world? Let's go on a journey through body, heart, and mind within a space that nurtures community, connection, and co-creation. Delve deeper into your interior landscape, develop your strength and embrace your flow whilst fostering friendship & mutuality with other like-minded individuals. We aim to do so by offering mindful practices, opening the world to authentic relating, and intuitive dancing, eventually ending into a big open playground where people can move freely. All under the umbrella of co-creation where we invite musicians, food magicians, and creatives all living in the neighborhood to contribute their gifts for the creation of this event. Keep your eyes peeled, opening up about emotions was never as sexy as it is today.